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About a Scented Muse

Born a gypsy, exploration was in her blood. As soon as she could read, she poured over the National Geographic, the encyclopedias and the Bur-pee Seed Catalog. With each page turned, she fantasized about seeing the world, living amongst far-away tribes and learning their ancient plant-based medicinal ways. Always supportive, her parents encouraged her and her three brothers to trot around the globe. After receiving her Associate degree in Travel & Tourism, she worked in the airline industry and had a short stint in the corporate world. Her specialty was arranging international conferences, board meetings and creating unique itineraries. Her soul cried ... return to me... return to me... loudly. The Universe responded. She was laid off and returned to what gave her comfort. Travel and plants. Her studies in Essential Oils spawned her to travel to India to bask amongst the plants in their full essence. Wanting to create the experience for others, aScented Muse was born...

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